What to Expect

Many of my friends come to me seeking to know more about therapy, after they have read my blog. Typically, when you see a therapist, you will be asked to complete an intake form. This provides your therapist with some general medical information. Professionals will keep this information confidential, and the therapist will assess your condition, or even perhaps ask you some additional questions, and then they will want to discuss a treatment stategy.


You will be left alone to disrobe and relax on the massage table, covering yourself with the sheet or blanket that is provided. This ensures your privacy and modesty in addition to keeping you warm during the session.

When you are ready, an environment is created where you will be allowed to relax and let go – by lowering the lights, use of hot stones, playing of appropriate music, and providing additional cushioning for your support.

Verbal Instructions

You may be given some breathing instruction and if you desire the application of essential oils.

During the session, he may ask you if the pressure is too heavy or to light. Feel free to communicate with him regarding your needs. Feedback is essential during and after your session..  Once your tissues are warmed and you have relaxed, he will focus on the areas discussed and apply deeper pressure with specialized techniques.

Then just relax and enjoy.

You will be told in a gentle way when the session is over. He will leave the room giving you several minutes to enjoy your body’s new sensations and allowing you time to dress.

Once you are ready, the therapist may ask you a several questions, and provide you with some information. He may make some recommendations regarding how you use your body in daily activities or provide you with some stretching exercises. So this is pretty much what to expect. http://www.sense-of-self.com/