I am G. Montez. After suffering a serious accident back in the 90‘s, I decided to undergo physical therapy. My neck and back required surgery, but I decided to try holistic healing methods first. Pain medication did not work.  Nothing really worked.

I started to keep a journal on my daily pain and suffering. I tried acupuncture, acupressure and virtually everything else. www.sense-of-self.com

Massage Therapy

Ultimately, I hired a Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage Specialist, and voilla, I experienced relief from much of my pain related symptoms. Since then, I have been able to engage to Sports.  My orthopaedic related injuries seem to be finally healing, all thanks to my  Neuromuscular Therapy

This Site Discusses Bone and Soft Tissue Injuries and Healing Pain Methods

This site is based upon my journal, and discusses how I deal with pain. I also go into to frequently asked questions about personal injuries (frequent questions and answers about negligent injuries discussed here), and how to retain the right legal help. I invite other victims to discuss how they dealt with their car accidents, or other mishaps that hurt them.